It is all about your company in Website Services Magazine's Who's Who Section!

  • Share crucial information with sales prospects and potential business partners.
  • Offer employee biographies and detailed corporate contact information to the media.
  • Enable potential viewers to learn more about your company and confirm your industry status!
  • Introduce and promote CEO's, CMO's, or CIO's, Sales Managers and Account Representatives, Customer Service Personnel!

Within the Who's Who section you can express to viewers why your company is the premier solution in your Web industry and how its employees help you achieve your corporate mission!

Paid Listings in the Who's Who Directorynew!

For additional exposure for your company, utilize our paid listing system. Companies can bid to appear when a user searches the directory (category listings) or uses the search box on any of the pages (keyword listings). Your paid listings will always top the list of returned companies providing you immediate access to people looking for the products or services you and your company offer.

  • How to get started:
    Just select the "edit" link within the main menu of your administration panel. Select the "My Sponsored Listings" option to manage bids on categories and add and manage the bids of keywords that visitors use to find your company. In order for your listing (category and keyword) to appear, you must meet or exceed the minimum bid requirement.
  • Keep track of clicks:
    There are three seperate reports for users of the paid listings on the Who's Who Directory. In addition to a daily report which indicates the overall clicks and their cost for a specific date range, there are also more detailed reports for clicks on categories listings and keyword listings.
  • Call us with any questions:
    Interested in appearing within the Who's Who directory? It is as simple as adding your billing information, funding your account and adding categories and keyword listings. To speak with a Website Services representative regarding getting your company listed in the Who's Who Directory, call 1-800-817-1518.

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