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COMPANIES >> Genesys Men's Health - Testosterone Replacement Specialists

Genesys Men's Health - Testosterone Replacement Specialists

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Category | Miscellaneous / Other Businesses ... Type of Company | Other 7525 Union Park Ave view map
Sandy/Midvale UT 84047
United States
Year Started : 2008 Stock Symbol : n/a Company Website
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Local Phone # : (801) 671-7456 Toll Free Phone # : n/a Fax : n/a Additional Phone #'s
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Do you suffer from symptoms like a lack of energy and motivation or decreased stamina and a lower desire for sex?

You may be one of the five million men in the United States affected by low testosterone levels.

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, starts to decline as early as your 20s, and lifestyle factors including poor diet and lack of exercise can compound the issue.

However, with treatment from the specialists at Genesys Men’s Health, in Salt Lake City, Utah you can halt the decline of your testosterone and even return it to the levels of your 20-year-old self.

The team’s treatments are tailored to your specific symptoms, focused on helping you achieve optimum hormonal health. As well as testosterone replacement, Genesys Men’s Health also specialize in thyroid treatment and balancing the other hormones in your body so you can benefit from increased energy, mental clarity, and a revived sex drive.

Genesys Men’s Health uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, that are all-natural and act just like your normal hormones would. Treatment is painless, administered as either a cream you rub on your skin or via injectable testosterone

Check out your testosterone levels at the Genesys Men’s Health website with the free Online Testosterone Self-Test or call (801) 671-7456 to discuss your options for testosterone replacement therapy.

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